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When playing the Michigan Lottery, the best time for a win is pretty much anytime. And with that sentiment in mind, it’s important to remember how hard things can be to claim the win. It could take a while or it could also just happen the first time through. And we’re looking at a player who played in Livingston County and wound up with a significant victory.

We’re looking at somebody who won a crisp $1 million. The number that will give people the smile on their face and the shakes at the same time. Let’s talk about the winner, their journey to get here, and what comes next with this type of money being handed over to them now. 

Claiming The Big Bucks

The winner, 57 years of age, chose to remain anonymous for this story, so no name was given out and the interviews were conducted with anonymity. The beauty of this victory is that the man was just recently married, and he bought a scratch off ticket for his bride, as a present. And all he wanted her to do was give it a try, see what happened.

That’s the thing with the lottery, especially in Michigan. A life can be changed just like that, and what happened next would be exactly that. She scratched off the Diamond & Pearls instant and it revealed the big $1 million prize. A sum that so many people could use, and that many before them have chased through the lottery. Now in their lap, right after getting hitched, they got paid. 

The man mentioned being in extreme disbelief by this coming to fruition for them, reading the instructions time and time again to make sure this was real. He called it a very exciting time for the couple, who really did get their new marriage off to a roaring, historic start. You won’t get too many folks being given such a hefty sum right after tying the knot.

Plans For The Money

The ticket cost $10 and with the decision made to receive one single lump sum payment, the amount brought in is sitting at a nice $693,000. The plans are simply to invest the money. The man and his wife can reap the benefits a little later in life. Not a bad choice.


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