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Ogemaw County Lotto 47 Jackpot Winning Ticket Worth $17.01 Million

There is only one thing better than winning a lot of money after entering a contest. It’s finding out you won that money from a contest you had no idea you even entered into in the first place. That is what we’ll be discussing with the latest story on a Michigan Lottery winner. It’s terrific because it cost nothing to enter, knowingly, and yet this massive payout hits the account anyway.

So let’s talk about this anonymous man from Kalamazoo, and what he just accomplished. Because these are the stories that folks want to hear. Let’s do it.

Coming Away With Nearly $500K

So an anonymous individual walks away with a total of $416K. The individual is a man, and is unaware he even entered into a competition of any sorts. But that is what happened, and the lottery rewards those who need it. So, let’s get down to what actually happened, here.

A random draw took place last month, and the man had not been aware he had entered into this jackpot drawing. The way the Michigan Lottery functions is that every $0.50 spent on a specific selection of other games would equal an entry. The man admitted he frequently played online, but was not cognizant of the fact that more would be won outside of that just the bubble, or place he had been partaking prior.

An email came into his phone directly from the Michigan Lottery itself claiming he was now the recipient of over $416K. He called to check and then found out it was genuine, and he was absolutely dumbfounded to find out that he was walking away with such a sum.

To think, he believed it to be a scam initially, and then found out the money would actually be his. What a time it was for him to be alive. And the beauty of this story is, it was not even the first time such an event had happened. Another individual, Floyd Warstler had a ticket in his car for weeks, and it wound up getting him $390K when he finally made the move.

What Happens Next 

The man has said he wants to share some of his winnings with his family members, and from there, put the rest in savings.

A little fun for now, and a nice investment opportunity later. Well spent.


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