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Another Record Setting Year for the Michigan Lottery

The Michigan Lottery just continues to be extremely popular with residents and visitors of the state, and there are so many great ways to win. Many players tend to focus on the options that are available in-person, but there are also some excellent options online.

The Michigan Lottery continues to launch new bonuses and promotions online as well, and that allows even bigger wins to become available. Here is a look at some of the top promotions that are available from the Michigan Lottery. 

Daily 4 Red Ball Double Draw

A brand new limited time promotion is now available through the Michigan Lottery, and it’s an offer that everyone will want to take advantage of. This Daily 4 Red Ball Double Draw promotion is only going to be available in the month of March, and it’s a chance to cash in quickly. 

Customers are going to want to pay close attention on Monday through Saturday evenings as the Michigan Lottery is going to hold a special drawing with five white balls and a red ball. From there, the Lottery is going to draw a second set of numbers, which will give all of the players an additional chance to win big. 

Every time that a white ball is drawn it will be removed from the hopper, increasing the chances that a different number will be chosen. This is a promotion that is expected to lead to some big wins for Michigan Lottery players. 

2nd Chance Jackpot

Another great promotion currently available from the Michigan Lottery is the Big Cash Second Chance Lottery. This award actually isn’t going to be handed out until the month of April, but the month of March is when all entries are going to be due. 

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For this promotion, select games have been chosen and part of every entry into those games will be put into a progressive jackpot. For every $0.50 spent at the select games, players are going to earn one entry into this massive promotion. 

This is a pretty unique offer from the Michigan Lottery as it essentially gives players a chance to earn credits that will then put them into a drawing. The list of featured games is available at the Michigan Lottery website, and entries are going to go throughout the month of March. 

Players are going to be given the chance to win big even if their initial entry comes up a loser when playing online or in-person.


Instant Keno
Top Prize
Price: $0.10 - $20.00
VIP Gold
Top Prize
Price: $0.05 - $2.00
Wild Time Xtra
Top Prize
Price: $0.20 - $10.00
Wheel of Fortune
Top Prize
Price: $0.05 - $2.00

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