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The Michigan Lottery continues to urge residents to check on the status of a Mega Millions Lottery ticket that was purchased back in March of 2023. A $1 million prize was won during that drawing, but that top prize has yet to be claimed, and time is running out. 

All of the prizes must be claimed within a year or else they go away for good, and this is a massive chunk of money that is sitting out there. The winner will need to travel to Lansing and get the prize at the Lottery headquarters, and an appointment should be made as well. 

Not only does the Lottery continue to post updates on the site, but it has also been extremely specific as to some details. The winning lottery ticket was purchased at the CVS Pharmacy in Southfield, and the winner was able to match all five of the white balls that were drawn.

If this prize is not claimed by March 15th, it is going to go directly to the School Aid Fund, and that would make many in the state happy. There are some instances where this has happened in the past, but the Michigan Lottery likes to have those big prizes claimed in a timely manner. 

Huge Jackpot Up For Grabs

The Mega Millions Drawing on Tuesday night was one that many in the state were paying attention to as there was a huge jackpot available. The total jackpot is now up to $563 million for the Mega Millions, and that is life changing money should someone match all of the white balls. 

There has not been a Mega Millions winner so far this year, and that has allowed the jackpot to continue to climb. This would already be the 8th-largest jackpot in history, and there is a chance that it could climb even higher. 

The numbers that were chosen during the drawing were 06-18-26-27-49-04, and it’s unclear if there was a winner. Two players from California were the last to strike it rich on Mega Millions as they split a pot that was close to $400 million.

These Mega Millions drawing take place every Tuesday and Friday night, and tickets can be purchased nearly right up to the minute that the drawings are held. Everyone that bought a Mega Millions ticket is encouraged to check their ticket on Wednesday morning to see if they matched the numbers.


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